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New user help

Rewards Hunter

I just signed up this week and can’t believe how many offers and retailers are available! After I signed up and explored I linked my target account and it found Luvs diapers from a purchase we made a week ago which was cool after I showed my wife we added some more offers and created a new pick up in the target app that was 2days ago I have not received credit or have anything pending for those offers but did get notified I had credit for eggs and milk from the luvs order from last week but dated yesterday  is this a normal lag time or did they miss those offers and should I expect the offers from the recent orders to appear or should they already be pending? Thanks

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Re: New user help


I have found if someone refers you and then you refer another friend,family,partner ect. 

You go to dollar store


1.Lipton Ice tea "the big ones 64oz" x5.

*Make sure you have it selected first.  So scan, add.

2.Now go to the Mt.Dew "20oz Major Mellon and other one (get 1 of each 20oz).

3 Then go to 12 pack of the same 1 of each.

So now you have 9 items.

4.Get one more offer( Kraft or Phill spread ect.).

5. Check out and save your receipts 

You should have

5$ for first receipt

10$ for referal 

15$ for 10 items scanned 

10$ for items cash back

.25cent for bonus

So I think tea are 2.00 each. (10.00)

20oz dew like (4.00)

12packs x2 (10.00)

Other thing (2.00 to 4.00)

So basically  you pay 25.00 but get 45.00 back profit 20.00 and free stiff just make sure you refer some and they scanned one thing. Be great if some used my referrals, youva percentage.  ..