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New Version of Ibotta?

Deal Master

I submitted my receipt from Publix this morning and the Ibotta app submitted WITHOUT reviewing my purchases.  It just sent it to Ibotta.

Luckily, it did find everything, but I really hope this is NOT how this will work in the future, especially from stores that don't include an Item number or UPC on the receipt.

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Re: New Version of Ibotta?

Core Shopper

I’ve been stuck with that version for several days. It has found everything about 50% of the time for me. The other 50% have been such a headache to get fixed, I’m honestly inclined to use it less. I have 7 more offers to complete my current bonus, then I’m taking a break until they get it sorted. 


Re: New Version of Ibotta?

Deal Expert


I just did a big buy (for me) at Kroger and my receipt did the same thing yours did. And it won't let me correct any errors in quantities. The bots combined a couple of boxes of Nature Valley snacks so I wouldn't get as many unique offers that I actually bought. I was able to add the missing offers but wouldn't reduce any of the incorrect quantities.  I was going for completing the WWB and the PPB and needed every offer plus the 3 gc's I used.  Good news is I finished the bonuses with 2 days to spare. 

I do wish they would keep the review of the receipt step. Maybe it will be included in the next update.