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Rewards Hunter

Hello. Can anyone dumb it down for me?

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Skilled Saver

Hi @Tstorm and welcome to the board.  I a an expert in KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) it's what I do all day at work.  lol

Download the Ibotta App and sign up, which you likely have already done since you are here.

Select the stores you shop at.  For stores like Target and Wal Mart you can link your existing account to make it easier to use Ibotta there.  In the App a store will tell you if you should link your account  or scan receipts.

Select your offers.  Ibbota has hundreds of offers for some stores so you should be able to find things you like and want to buy and also find some new things to try.

Buy your items.  be sure to check ito make sure they match the sizes, variety and number you should buy to meet the offer.  You ca use the Ibotta app to l scan bar codes i the store to make sure they fit the offer. 

Scan your receipt and earn cash back.

I hope this helps!

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Deal Sharer

Hello! Welcome to ibotta 🙂 I joined back in 2015 and I really only earned cash back when there happened to be an offer for something I purchased (usually $0.10-0.25 back on an any brand item). I few months ago I really got into couponing and found two great couponers to follow on YouTube: Couponing with Kayla and Bree the Coupon Queen. There are TONS of people on there who do a great job of explaining deals and offers. Just find the people who work for you and you will SOAR!

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Rewards Guide

Welcome to the Ibotta Community @Tstorm . Glad you’re here! looks like other members have given ou a pretty good breakdown but if you have any questions please feel free to ask! We are all happy to help.


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Deal Master


First of all, welcome to the community and to ibotta.   

Below are a few suggestions that may be of some use to you.


Check out the threads in each of the subfolders in the LEARN IBOTTA folder.  There is a lot of information in there that may answer some questions you may have.  They likely will give you many more questions, so feel free to reach out to the community for answers to those questions as they pop up.


Here is a post that has a bunch of do's and don'ts that also may be of interest.


You will find most 'deals' that are posted by others are in one of two DEALS subfolders:

DEALS >>>  DEALS FORUM    <and>


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