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Online grocery Pickup

Rewards Hunter

Hi! I am new to Ibotta. Do you have to go through the Ibotta app to order online pickup if you account is linked? I linked my Ibotta account and ordered a pickup through the regular browser with the  Thanksgiving deals. I then thought I might have needed to go through the app. So I went to through the app and went to my previous scheduled order and tweaked it a bit and saved it. Will that order go through to where I can get my cash back? Sorry if that is hard to understand. I just really don’t want to go back and redo it all. 

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Re: Online grocery Pickup

Skilled Saver

I do online pickup orders all the time. Yes, you need to order through the Ibotta app to get credit for the offers you purchase even if the account is linked. In fact, the account must be linked as well to get credit.