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Re: Walmart Order & pickup

Rewards Hunter

Just placed an order on the Walmart app & did a pick up.  I didn’t get credit for anything I ordered with an Ibotta bonus.  I used Walmart pay at check out & linked my Ibotta account before I placed my order.  Does anyone know if I should receive my bonuses instantly or have to wait?  It would stink if I got beat. 

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Re: Walmart Order & pickup

Shopping Enthusiast


Credit for purchase can take up to 48hrs.

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Re: Walmart Order & pickup

Rewards Hunter

I understand...I have been able to use Ibotta with my Walmart pickup and delivery account at lest 2 or 3 times since I started, just this week, 5 days ago, I had a really big purchase and instead of being notified of my earnings, I got a message telling me that my Walmart PU & delivery account was unable to link to Ibotta...I have tried everything to relink it and cannot figure out why it won't...can't even get an answer from cust. care...I have reap some good rewards with this site, but every single purchase is getting to be more and more work on my end than I have patience for and I have a LOT of patience, especially when it comes to saving/earning money!

So if you get any good resolutions please let me know! Good luck to you and all your future money saving/gaining efforts!!!

Lady Pandora