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Sad to say Goodbye!

Rewards Hunter

My account was fine. I had submitted a few receipts, everything was fine no problems no issues. As I attempted To withdraw my earning same way I had done in the past, suddenly I wasn’t able to, so I reached support and they gave me a few options that could be the problem to attempt to withdraw, as the problem persisted I kept reaching out to them. And yesterday without submitting a single receipt since Saturday, Bam account deactivated, when I email back to see what happened, simply I violated their terms. Apparently a referral code and another account. But I never had a problem with my account or my phone this past few weeks and now out of the sudden I’m getting this and idk what to do. I ask if I will be able to create an account with Ibotta again or am I Banned? No reply. I don’t want to risk and create another account because I’m afraid I will be blocked.
This is what I had done in the past that could potentially caused it:

1. I Changed my email address because I recently divorced so my ex had access to my email and passwords, so to protect my privacy I changed my email and I changed it with Ibotta as well as all the communication I ever used with that e-mail.

2. I changed my number. For the above reason ⬆️.. our phones were connected with apple family sharing and all that. No need to explain. Lol

3. I helped my mother as well as my 3 siblings and cousin others to create Ibotta and use it. Did I share my code Yes, why offer a referral code if ur going to suspect of wrong doing when we share it, free money means your going to refer as many people as u can to get that extra cash. They shared their codes with their significant others and who am I to blame them.

4. I am a self employed mother of 4 with pets, supporting my children all by myself so of course I’m going to coupon and get as much rebate as I can. I also teach who ever will love to join me to Save, because times are tough and prices just keep going up.

5. Do I share my deals with my followers, family and friends, yes I do. I even go shopping with them, and we buy similar items, and we upload them together and I help them select the deals that we are going to do. Because that’s what I do I help people save.

Bottom line is. I understand Ibotta has their terms and condition, and I get their rules. But we could use a little more explanation as to why our accounts are being deactivated. Why go thru the trouble of verifying out account if this is going to happen. Why not put a limit of how many times u can share your referral code if ur going to suspect of wrong doing.

SoIbotta can you please give us an explanation as to why your doing this or at least let us know what we are doing wrong. Don’t just allow us to spend our money believe we are saving and when we wanna access our earning boom u drop the you have been deactivated e-mail!

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Re: Sad to say Goodbye!

Deal Ambassador

I feel for you!

Some time back, my account & my hubby's account got blocked. Thankfully some admin person here came to my rescue, but before that I received NO explanation. I still don't know why but I will suggest 2 possibilities:

1) Since my husband is disabled, it was common for me to log in to both of our accounts from one device (past ibotta terms allowed for a maximum of 2 ibotta account to share a device). Now we always make sure to use only ONE account on a device.

2) Another thing that may have caused our issue is that we had numerous receipts that appeared very similar, so their auto-flag system was not able to distinguish them as different receipts. For example: If the store name, the date, and total purchase price was the same on my receipt and my husband's, it got flagged as a duplicate (even tho it was NOT a duplicate). Now we always make an effort to add an extra item (e.g. banana or such) so that the TOTAL is different on both receipts.

Assuming you are not violating ibotta terms, I'm cheering for you!

Re: Sad to say Goodbye!

Rewards Hunter

If you used your referral code in Junction with any social media that alone would be a violation of the terms of service agreement. I know it does not make much sense because it clearly says there is no limit on what you can earn via referrals but if you are referring people that you do not know in your personal day-to-day life that can be used as grounds to terminate your account.

Google might also be able to help.


Re: Sad to say Goodbye!

Rewards Hunter

isn't that some s#@$!!!! My friends was deactivated as well and lost 70$.. ibotta took the $ she earned and told her that ibotta BOTS said she's shopping alot and it is against the rules... I didn't know ppl were only allowed to go shopping once a day.. ibotta should not be closing out accounts and stealing $$$ earned at all.. that's very disturbing!!


Re: Sad to say Goodbye!

Rewards Guide

Have you reached out to @ShelbyS   maybe she can help you find out the reason.