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Scanning receipts

Rewards Hunter


still trying to understand this app.  Why can’t you just scan any receipt to see what you qualify for.  It feels like so much work to get points 

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Re: Scanning receipts

Shopping Enthusiast


Just to be able to scan any receipts isn't the way ibotta is designed. 

Each retailer has products which rebates are offered for.  The user selected the desired product. Goes to the specific retailer purchase product then scan receipt for rebate.

That might sound like a lot to do for a small reward. Once you learn how to use Ibotta as it is designed you will benefit from this app. 

Please take a few minutes and read how to use ibotta.

Every journey starts with the first step

Re: Scanning receipts

Ultimate Saver

Think of Ibotta as a database of rebates.  Back in the day, you would get a rebate form, fill it out, put it in an envelope, put a stamp on it and wait 8 weeks to get a check.

With Ibotta, you have a very large collection of rebates.  You purchase the items you want and you submit your receipt to get your rebates.  No more forms, no more envelopes and stamps and you get it back almost immediately.

Not all stores offer all the rebates.  Some are only available at one or two stores.  Others are available at many stores.

Pick the store you plan to shop at and check out what rebates are available at that store.  Buy the correct items and the correct quantity and you will receive the rebate amount.