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Shared Bank Account?

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I know that you can't have two accounts at all or even two accounts on the same device but can two separate accounts share the same bank to which funds are withdrawn?  Asking since my husband does not have his own paypal account.

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Re: Shared Bank Account?

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Others will have to answer your actual question, but I would avoid this hard even if they allow it. 

It sure seems like anything a user does that is just a bit different increases the likelihood of an account audit, lock, or deactivation.  All these scenarios just can be construed as you personally have two different accounts that you run, and you just use your hubby's phone to double the deals you can get.  I am NOT suggesting you are doing this, but I am simply saying that many claim they have been locked or deactivated for doing nothing wrong, and it always seems they are doing something a bit non-standard 

I would just play it safe and have separate deposit locations, maybe one that goes thru PAYPAL and one that goes directly to the bank account.  Some people set up a separate bank account for rebates and such just like they would use a VENMO.

Anyway, hope it works out for you.   Just make sure you get the word of ibotta directly as well (and save the correspondence) on if you can share one PAYPAL or whatever.   That will make it easier to get fixed if things go wonky. 

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