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Welcoming A "New" Member不

Rewards Hunter

One of the spaces on the Thanksgiving Bingo Card says "Welcome A New Member To The Community", and when I registered just now it said I was a new member....So, I, I'm going to welcome MYSELF to this Community!!!! Welcome Mrs.!!!! I have technically been a saver for a couple of years apparently, but just recently decided to start actually putting this app to the test. 仄領 Apparently I made 50 cents like 3 years ago Anyway, I'm happy to be here, and if anyone has any good advice to share I am all ears(or should I say eyes??仄領), I could use any help I can get to make a little extra cash for this Christmas!!!!

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Re: Welcoming A "New" Member不

Shopping Enthusiast


Welcome to Ibotta, you have multiple options to help you save when using Ibotta.. 

You can shop online using the browser extension from your desk top,  shop online from retailer sites from the mobile app, and you can purchase gift cards. 

Read posts by other app users for information on deals and other savings. 

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Re: Welcoming A "New" Member不

Super Saver


Welcome to the community! This one thing will up your Ibotta game so much. I learn a lot reading the posts and comments regularly. Plus, this group is fun. 

I also joined Ibotta in 2018 but really began to get hooked after I retired. I see Ibotta as a fun puzzle that keeps my mind active by planning my shopping to include Ibotta rebates, Ibotta gift cards using prior savings, coupons, store sales, and any other possible savings and available bonuses. Any products I don't use I donate. 

Re: Welcoming A "New" Member不

Rewards Hunter

Hi and welcome. Im also a new member.  

Re: Welcoming A "New" Member不

Deal Master


Welcome to the community.  Are you also new to ibotta?   What places do you typically shop?

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