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Cash back app 'recipe': 'green eggs' scrambler

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Notes: didn't get cash back buying the recently fresh cut and scooped avocado I also used this past Sunday. Also, no OreIda Just **bleep** an Egg or Jimmy Dean scrambler, because I shoot for at least 2 low meat to no meat days a week and Tuesdays and Wednesdays are often the days I choose

Anyway this 'recipe' is virtually the same as what I posted Sunday, except I put all the ingredients pictured plus avocado and broccoli bits in a bowl and mixed, heated it in a microwave 40 seconds, stirred again, 34 more seconds in microwave, then stir 1 last time and 35 seconds in microwave

Got home relatively late, thought an omelette would be too heavy, labor intensive and time consuming.  

Looking forward to another fresh  from scratch homemade scrambler, except I hope I can find a packet of Soulful Harvest unflavored oatmeal AND throw THAT in the mix

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Re: Cash back app 'recipe': 'green eggs' scrambler

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@RCKCreatEnt  Are you a secret Dr. Seuss fan - Sam I Am?

Re: Cash back app 'recipe': 'green eggs' scrambler

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@FelskyNY YUP! Even if I haven't read a Dr. Seuss book or watched a rerun of any prime time specials of his books in ages, I'm SOOOO capable of adoring his whole handiwork

Avocado didn't turn the pre-beaten egg WHITES green; maybe it takes food coloring or even prepackaged 🥑 SPREAD, but I'm quite pleased with this concoction