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How can I get Teammates on Ibotta, PLEASE?!?!

Rewards Hunter

I had Ibotta for a long time, and then I lost access to my email address that was associated with my ibotta account, therefore I had to start ALLL over again. I had some teammates before on my other account, but I have no clue how I got them. And ever since I made this new account, I have added "Ibotta" people on facebook thinking they would become my teammates, but nope nothing. Can someone please help me get teammates/friends!?!? Please and thank you in advance for any help!! 

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Re: How can I get Teammates on Ibotta, PLEASE?!?!

Deal Master

Why do you need teammates?

The only thing that Teammates help in Ibotta is the four monthly bonuses.  There are two components of these bonuses: Number of offers redeemed and total money earned on these offers.

Only the Total Money Earned is affected by Teammates.  You still need to redeem the number of offers.  From my experience, if you redeem the number of offers needed for each bonus (40+), you will earn MORE than the total money needed for the bonus.  Therefore, teammates don't really help.

Hopefully, someday, Ibotta will fix the issues and improve the Teammate capabilities.

Re: How can I get Teammates on Ibotta, PLEASE?!?!

Deal Master

I disagree with @mmoore01 .

I hope some day ibotta will abolish teams, eliminating thousands of tickets, so they can improve turnaround time for real tickets.

Teammates is nothing but a drain on the care team with no perceivable benefit, save perhaps $1 or so at the very beginning of one's ibotta existence. 

The longer you are a member and the more bonuses you achieve and the more offers you redeem, the higher your personal goal becomes, and as mmoore01 has already said, your teammates can"t help you get the 40 offers for your 50 cent bonus.

“You can evict us from the community. But you will never HAVE the community. We take it with us.". BOILER UP!!"

Re: How can I get Teammates on Ibotta, PLEASE?!?!

Deal Master


I do agree with you that the way Teammates is currently configured, it causes more problems than it is worth.

The only other teammate "feature" is the ability to see when a teammate gets money back.  You use to be able to send a message to a teammate, but that appears to be gone.  It might have been gone for a LONG time since I maybe used it once.

I can think of a number of ways to make teammates better, but most would be so complicated causing even more headaches for everyone.

Re: How can I get Teammates on Ibotta, PLEASE?!?!

Rewards Whiz

Yeah Teammates aren't a top priority currently. We know that it needs improvement but there are so many other bigger items we're focused on currently.

Re: How can I get Teammates on Ibotta, PLEASE?!?!

Rewards Guide

I agree with the consensus that the "Teammates" function should just be eliminated. It never really was any benefit to using the app. And, it would eliminate so many posts and tickets related just to the teammates function. Get rid of it and focus on the real problems associated with the app. Thanks. And welcome back @LaraL