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Please Help

Rewards Hunter

Please, can someone, anyone, everyone, just, Please Help mee, w/ this major pain n the back side!

When I log out of my account, I have issues on logging back in, 

I am actually still literally logged out, 

Due to not being able to log back in.

It lets mee, which I do know, that I am typing in the correct cordintuals,

checking not just twice, but three times, to be exact, which then @@ no change, still  goes to the page that reads, 

"Something went wrong" blah, blah!!!

So Please Help Mee Out, 

All iz Much Appreciated & Hope to All, "Have A Blessed Christmas!"

& yes "Our Lord Jesus,

has another Dandy Birthday!" 

Thank You God For Everything & All You Have Done For Each & One Of Us!💜🤍💙

Amen, I Love All ✌🏼

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Re: Please Help

Deal Master

Eeks.  Rather odd indeed.  Hope you aren't deactivated.

“2022 New Year's Resolution: It’s time for me to be doing what I have been doing and that time is every day .”