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Amazon returns at Kohl’s

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I searched for this topic but was surprised it was not previously discussed. 
Perhaps all you savvy shoppers are already aware of this but I decided to post anyway, just in case. 
If you’re returning items to AMZ, consider doing so at your nearby Kohl’s because they’ll give you a $5 Kohl’s Cash. The only caveat is it’s in-store use only and expires in a week but not too shabby. 
If you have another Kohl’s coupon, remember that they take off the $ amount first, then % off. I bought my GC on IB too prematurely, so the total amount was more than expected and ended up paying $1.62 oop for a queen-size mattress topper that was original on sale for $20 - I say it’s a win!

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Re: Amazon returns at Kohl’s

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Can confirm this! Highly recommend!👍