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Christmas Gift Bags

Super Saver

I am working on Christmas gift bags for kids in my community right now. I always put toothpaste, tooth brushes, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner and stuff like that.  I try to think of things that can’t be paid for with EBT that a child needs, but maybe the single parent cannot afford.

They seem to like having their own toiletries that they don’t have to share with siblings. I was a single parent years ago struggling and my parents had to buy me those things. It has always been a mission for me to pay it forward. And Ibotta and coupons helps me to continue to do that.

I got the idea from this community to add some snacks and candy bars this year.

thanks again Ibotta  for helping me help others.

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Re: Christmas Gift Bags

Deal Ambassador

You have such a generous heart @Janet1964! God bless you! 

Re: Christmas Gift Bags

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That's awesome. I love this idea. Another item that I find kids always appreciate that single parents may not be able to get are warm socks, gel pens or school pencils. There is an organization in my area that is always collecting socks for the kids in the area whose parents are struggling. Little stuffed animals are also appreciated as these kids may not get a gift this year and may want something to cuddle with at night. I like to get little stuffed animals and dolls at Dollar Tree or Dollar General and drop them off with the socks. For the boys, I usually do little cars or trucks. Lastly, hair stuff is also a inexpensive option and always needed. Some of the little girls have long hair but nothing to use to put their hair up so I try to add hair ties and barrettes to my donation bag. I enjoy donating around this time of year. Makes the season more meaningful knowing you made someone's day.

Re: Christmas Gift Bags

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@Marethundsabre  @Janet1964  that's awesome....may you both be blessed as you continue to bless others! 🙏