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Kroger Savings

Super Saver

I started shopping at Kroger again on 11/2/2020 and downloaded the app and shoppers card.

Since that date - 14 months total - I have saved $3,081.62 by shopping normally. This includes sales price discounts by using my shoppers card, digital coupons on my card, and paper coupons.

I also have received $211.50 in FREE gasoline during that same period. I currently have over 1,000 points on my card to redeem for $1 off per gallon that expires on Jan 31.

That does not count Ibotta and other rebates that I received on the items purchased at Kroger. 

I started using Ibotta on 9/23/20 - and I am currently at $4,075.00 saved using only Kroger, Walmart, Publix and CVS. NO online, NO gift cards and NO referrals. Oh, I have referred many and several signed up, but I NEVER got paid a dime. That was okay because I just liked sharing with others what I do.