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PayPal Must be Re-Linked Every 3 Months


I’ve used Ibotta for 16 months and have cashed out my earnings to PayPal numerous times without issue. Yesterday I noticed my PayPal account was no longer showing in the app as a withdrawal option. I re-linked PayPal in seconds and was able to withdraw some funds as usual. 

The process got me thinking. I searched my email and saw that I had to re-link my PayPal account every 3 months like clockwork.

I was wondering if this was just a normal part of the security process Ibotta has in place for all savers or if my experience was unique.



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Re: PayPal Must be Re-Linked Every 3 Months

Skilled Saver

@123Save  I’ve never had that happen 🤔 but if it ever does, I won’t panic 😆 


Re: PayPal Must be Re-Linked Every 3 Months


@123Save This happens to me as well. I've never paid attention to the frequency, but every 3 months feels accurate to me. I typically cash out twice a month and when it's happened I haven't had any issues re-linking. Just been an annoying extra step. So no, it's not just you!

Re: PayPal Must be Re-Linked Every 3 Months

Ultimate Saver


I was thinking you just had to enter it each time you checked out.   So if I withdraw today I have to link, and if I check out tomorrow, I have to link again.   Regardless, I do know I have to relink it for sure, so not a big surprise.

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