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Whats the easiest way to get referrals?! Any ideas anyone? I haven't gotten a single referral although I do  constantly try! Help! 

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Re: Referrals

Deal Master

I have had a few referrals, but only one of them is still active.

In my opinion, you need to walk them through the whole process.  Don't just send them an email.  If you can do it in-person, I think it can be easier. 

Ibotta does not allow sharing the same phone.  This is one way to have both their account and yours closed.

Be sure to read ALL the details of any referral bonuses.  These change all the time and missing one step could mean you don't get the bonus.

I don't push on referrals.  If someone wants to know more, I will ask if they want me to refer them.


Re: Referrals

Deal Master


I have never done a referral.  I will help people sign up and explain to them how to use it, but never locally, and I never give them a referral code.

  • I don't help people locally because I am selfish, and the more people near any store that know about the best deals, the less the chance is that I will find said item(s) in stock.  Or for moneymaker items, it may mean I find 1 in stock instead of 5.
  • I don't give referral codes because there seem to be an inordinate number of users who get their accounts locked due to referrals.  If my account gets locked, I may miss out on $20 or $30 worth of rebates and free items in the time it takes to get my account unlocked.   So one lock could be a net loss in my eyes.

To answer your actual question a bit though, it seems that people who push ibotta on others often don't have much success with lasting users.  It is usually best in those instances where someone shows a genuine interest that results in your explaining it all to them.  

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