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Swagbucks Regenerate?

Deal Sharer

I recently started using Swagbucks and had a question about using an offer multiple times.  The offer I am interested in states that you can use it 2 times a month.  If I purchased the item on Feb 28 and submitted the receipt the same day but the offer didn't get credited to my account until March, does the offer count towards february or march for the "2 times a month"?  Basically, does the offer differ from your list when you have maxed out the offer?  Thanks in advance!

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Re: Swagbucks Regenerate?

Skilled Saver

@saraculso I could be wrong, but I just maxed out a SB A&H deal at Publix today for the month, and it disappeared from my list. (I actually didn't think they did this, but it's no longer there). I would think if you submitted on 2.28 then it wouldn't count toward March.