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Use a rewards card

Super Saver

I use a rewards credit card to Ibotta shop. My Belks Card pays me 5 points rewards for every 1 spent on grocery & gas shopping. I pay the bill in full each month as soon as the bill arrives and I get reward dollars to spend at Belks. It is usually at least $30 a month. And I use that to buy my clothes, household items or birthday gifts for family.

I also use the same card to pay for gas and use get upside for cash back every time I buy gasoline.

also, my Belks card has a lower credit limit, so I don’t worry quite as much about theft  or losing my card.

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Re: Use a rewards card

Deal Master

I picked up a Walmart credit card through Capital One about a year ago.  For the first year, I earned 5% back on all purchases when I used Walmart Pay.  That offer has now expired, but I still get 2% when I use Walmart Pay.

I believe I have earned over $300 in the past year by shopping at Walmart with Walmart Pay.

I don't know if they have this promotion now, but I thought it was a great deal since I do most of my Ibotta shopping at Walmart.