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Watch your redemption

Rewards Hunter

I went to Kroger today and I went to scan my receipt and it only pulled up one cash back. Umm.. no sir.. I definitely wanted my $17 back! I had at least 2 free items (cinn toat crunch, core bar), half off items (incogmeato), BOGO (chobani), good deal on toms deodorant (Ibotta, $1 coupon on Kroger app and cash back on Kroger app). I had to manually add my offers. So watch your scanning! Make sure it is right!

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Re: Watch your redemption

Rewards Advocate

@Ladyash14 Thank you. It happens pretty often lately that an item is missing when I take a receipt photo. Sometimes I retake the photo, and offers match correctly. Other times, I have to manually select everything. Good rule is to take your time when submitting receipts, especially when redeeming many offers.

Re: Watch your redemption

Deal Ambassador

@Ladyash14  Not sure if you use an iPhone or Android but the iOS app supposedly fixed these problems 3-4 months ago. There’s been 15 app updates since then, but sadly, I still encounter missed offers almost every time I submit my Kroger receipt.

Side note- I’ve missed a handful of offers when scanning my WM receipt barcode. As soon as I chose to verify more offers, my missed item was already selected like the app knew but didn’t automatically include it for some reason.



Re: Watch your redemption

Super Saver


I have never had that happen with Walmart receipt, but with Kroger all the time. A fib find it strange that they are already checked when you verify more offers but you still have to scan the barcode if buying more than 1.

it has improved recently and I don’t have to scan as many items as I used to.