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Rewards Hunter

I linked my credit card, bought the items, email shows I got paid ? Where does the money show up? I'm very new.

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Re: Account

Skilled Saver

Welcome to the community. If you click the account tab, your earnings will be displayed on the top of the screen. Also, there is a bell icon on the top of the landing screen. You can click on it and it will show you any offers you have recently redeemed and how much was recently added to your earnings. Once you reach $20, you can redeem your earnings. You can either choose to get a gift card or you can go through PayPal. There may be more ways to redeem your earnings but those are the two that I have done. Just a heads up, once you reach $20, wait 2 days before trying to redeeming your earnings because if you don't, your account might get locked and then you need to submit a ticket to get it unlocked again. I believe this is standard for new members. Again, welcome to the community.