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After review of my receipt it says no matches but there are a lot

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I submitted a receipt from ingles, at first it said $15 in offers matched. I had to adjust and rescan it all and because not all were picked up. After I submitted it an hr later ibotta sent me a notification that there were no matches on this receipt. Help! I have already redone everything again and resubmitted again. But this is $25 total cash back! I made detailed list before I went and made sure when I was there that everything matched with in app checker

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Re: After review of my receipt it says no matches but there are a lot

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Check your activity  (form home screen, pick the bell in upper right), and see if it shows that your receipt is pending from your first attempt.

I am thinking it must have accepted the initial attempt.   Of those offers it originally 'accepted', how many if any are in your available offers now?

When did you submit the receipt?  

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Re: After review of my receipt it says no matches but there are a lot

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@Melissa0126  Is the receipt image that you posted here the same receipt image that you submitted to Ibotta?  It's hard to see what items are on the posted receipt image.  Maybe a closer and clearer shot of the receipt would improve the identification of Ibotta rebate items...

Re: After review of my receipt it says no matches but there are a lot

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i am experiencing similar problem. I submitted in store receipt scanned bar code of sour cream that I went to store to specifically buy in order to make sure I would without doubt meet the 18 offers to get $5 midweek mistletoe bonus (along with the $18.43 in 23 offers) and complete $10 snowflake bonus before Dec 8 10pm midweek bonus deadline. Providing me with $33.43 in available funds to buy gift card for bath and body works $5.50 body care sale today. Well I forgot I needed to buy 2 Ritz chips to receive $0.75 rebate making my decision to drive to store for one more offer smart. You might think. Well Ibotta rejected my receipt submission and then same happened to me No offers in receipt. I have a notice about DARIGOLD sour cream offer pending. I have yet to get my $5 mistletoe because y Walmart pickup Dec 8 did not get processed until this morning I got the offer money but they didn't bother to attribute offers to pending bonus and I was 41/42 on $10 snowflake. That one sour cream that Ibotta rejected my receipt but holding item pending cost me 4 BATH AND BODY WORKS BODY CARE ITEMS FROM MY ORDER THIS MORNING.

     It's like the missing offers compound. I have probably fifteen support tickets so every employee asks what exactly is my problem demands I submit photos ECT again then I don't hear anything back and I have to submit another support ticket so next employee does the same I just delete the rmails