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App will not launch

Rewards Hunter

Hi all, I am an Iphone user and I have not been able to use my Ibotta app for at least 2 weeks. I tried opening it one day to browse the offers and when I did so it popped up a message that said "Ibotta wants to use to sign in" which takes you away from the app and uses safari. When I try to log in from there it tells me my account is locked, which is not correct as I am able to log in from my laptop and on my phone if I use Chrome and not safari. When I logged in on my phone with safari it asked if I wanted to continue in the app so I clicked that and it just takes me back to the same screen and it tries to open in safari...  I opened my husband's Ibotta app just now and it is doing the very same thing. Is anyone else having this problem? So far support has been no help.