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Can someone please help?

Rewards Hunter

I have been trying to get help with this for over a week. I earned enough points for a gift card. I chose a Wal Mart gift card if $25. However, Ibotta has an incorrect email address on file for me (this is actually an old hotmail account that I cannot access anymore). I have tried numerous times to update my email address but Ibotta continues to change it back to the incorrect one. I REALLY need this gift card for Christmas and this is money I spent quite a long time earning. Now it seems like it is lost 😞. I cannot get any answers through by submitting a help ticket and I have called the number but it goes to voice mail. Any suggestion please???

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Re: Can someone please help?

Deal Master


There is no number for rebates help;  only a corporate number that is for other purposes.

@LaraL l is our ibotta liaison.  She is out until Monday.  She can do some checking with the care team with email address issues.  What did the ticket response suggest you should do?

You can check ticket details by:

From the app, select ACCOUNT in lower right

Then drag down and select HELP

Then click the circle in upper right


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Re: Can someone please help?

Deal Expert

Welcome to the community. The Help Center will need to correct your email since you don't have access to your old email account. Follow the instructions in the this link to provide the needed information to the Help Center. Also, be careful of calling any number for support since I don't think Ibotta has a call-in number for the Help Center. Any number you find on the Internet may be a scam.

How do I change the email address on my Ibotta account?

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Ibotta | Help Center | Contact Info

Re: Can someone please help?

Rewards Whiz

@Tpark I would send us an email at so we can resolve the email issue, but also directly send you the gift card.