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Can't link target account with ibotta


I've been trying to link my online target account and ibotta for weeks. I tried the chrome extension as well as my android app. 

Am I the only one with this problem? Can you order from target online using ibotta? 

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Re: Can't link target account with ibotta

Deal Master

I don't link any of my stores with Ibotta.  But I understand that some people need to.  I have linked Target in the past, but had some minor issues.

There are three ways that linking Ibotta to a store works:

  1.  In-Store - You don't need to submit your receipt.  The store sends the information of your purchase to Ibotta.  Offers must be selected prior to paying for the purchase in-store.
  2. Online Grocery - This includes pickup and delivery.  The only way to get money back from Ibotta is to have your Ibotta account linked to your store.  You must have offers selected before placing the order online.
  3. Online (non-grocery) - This is usually a percentage back on your purchase from that store.  Always look at the details since some items may be excluded.

At one point, Target only had option 1 and 2.  No percentage offers are available.

Currently, I do not see Option 2 for Target.  However, you should be able to link your Ibotta to Target for in-store purchases.  I believe you will need to pay with Target Circle to get credit for anything from Ibotta.  

Please note: The email address you enter in Ibotta when linking Target should be your email address for shopping on the Target website.  This could also be your email address in the Target Circle app.  This is NOT your email address used for your Target Red Card, if you have one.

I did try to link my Ibotta with my Target account, but it did not work.  I suspect there are issues going on at this time.  Since the only way to get Ibotta savings is through in-store shopping, I would recommend not linking and just submit your receipt. 


Re: Can't link target account with ibotta

Deal Master

There does appear to be some issues with linking at Target.  Please see the post below from the Ibotta Help website: