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Can't withdraw

Rewards Hunter

I started using ibotta 2 months ago and want to withdraw earnings now. It's my first time to withdraw. But purchasing the gift cards and withdrawing to bank account are both unavailable.

When purchasing gift cards, it shows "We're having trouble connecting, there was a problem getting your information. Please try again later."

When withdrawing to the bank account, it shows "We coundn't process your request. We are looking into it, but you can reach out to Ibotta Care if you need help."

Do these messages means my account is locked? I submit online ticket and want to know after how many days can I get the reply?

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Re: Can't withdraw

Core Shopper

I’m not sure. I’ve never had a problem before but I’m getting an error “We can’t process your request. We are looking into it.”
message today, too. 

Re: Can't withdraw

Deal Ambassador

@Skim @AnitaV It's not just you all. I generally cash out twice a month with no issues, but today I'm getting an error message. Maybe something is going on with the system. I feel better knowing it's not just me. I did go ahead and put in a ticket, but I don't expect to get a reply back today.

Re: No se puede retirar

Rewards Hunter

Yo tengo días sin poder retirar, envié un ticke y aún no obtengo respuesta


Re: Can't withdraw

Core Shopper

Ah, okay. Thank you @mom2furkids  for confirming that. 
I told my mom I could cash out and get us an almost-free Domino’s pizza.

It’s always when you assume everything will breeze through easy-peasy.  Lol.