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Rewards Hunter

Ibotta disabled my account because of frequent receipt submissions and Ibotta had bonuses that I’m trying to reach. I’ve reached out through multiple emails and only got one response and shouldn’t they expect frequent submissions if users want to reach their goal by the expiration date?? I can’t withdraw my current earnings nor did they give me an estimated date of when I can have access to my account again.. 

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Re: Disabled

Deal Master


I have never heard of anyone getting disabled for "frequent receipt submissions".  I don't know what "frequent" means, but I have submitted several (3-4) in a day on several occasions.  Sometimes I ring up items separately for certain rebates (Swagbucks) and I have been known to shop at multiple Walmarts trying to find certain products (especially for FAOs).

If you are submitting a much larger number, Ibotta may think you are doing something fishy.  Most people don't generate that many receipts.

Re: Disabled

Deal Master


I believe Michael (dormant ibotta mod) got locked out when he first started and IIRC he was doing sometimes $600 or $700 a month or something like that.  I think he mentioned a similar reason for getting locked.  Does seem rather odd to get in trouble for using it too much, but I understand:  fraud prevention and all, I guess.

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