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Glitch in the app


I bought a pack of Bubbies Mochi Ice Cream and I tried to submit a receipt before it expired but there was a glitch in your app. The app kept asking me to add offers to submit a receipt although the offers were already added. I tried to see the list of the offers, but they were empty. Somehow the glitch went away just now and basically I could not submit the receipt on time. 


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Re: Glitch in the app

Deal Master

My Ibotta app shows Bubbies Mochi Ice Cream Pack and that it doesn't expire until 09/03/21.

I would clear your cache and try again.  There have been issues with the app today.



Re: Glitch in the app

Deal Master


First of all. The posts are not typically all read by ibotta personnel.  This is a forum more than ibotta technical support.  That being said we have ibotta liaisons that assist when summoned.

Anyway, I had the same issue you did yesterday and so did many others.  if your offers expired before you could redeem, then open a ticket.  Include UPC codes and pictures of the items.   If you explain the issue. I am optimistic you will get paid.

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