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Hidden Display of Offer Expiration Date/Time

Skilled Saver

@ShelbyS @JuliannaV 

I'm using the iOS app version 6.141.0

I noticed recently that the exact expiration date & time were no longer being shown on offers as they’ve always been. Now they’re being replaced with little square icons for an unknown countdown showing 1day etc. Just now at Target I ran into a new, related issue.

I scanned a can of Olipop and the corresponding offer didn’t display. I knew it should be there, so I went to my list and confirmed the Olipop offer was active:


As you can see, there’s no expiration shown. However, when you scan a UPC barcode from within the offer, you’re shown the offer expires in 8 hrs:


I can’t imagine this glitch only applies to the Olipop offer.

Not recognizing a valid product for an active offer that expires in 8 hrs is one thing (that has been around my entire 2+ years) but now after the recent major app updates, the expiration date is now hidden/omitted!?

Please pass along this feedback and please share any details if you can. 

*Edited title to change inconsistent to hidden and the first sentence was updated for clarity. 

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Re: Inconsistent Display of Offer Expiration Date/Time

Ultimate Saver

Offers in Ibotta can expire at any time or simply be pulled.

Offers are added to Stores and you must select which ones you are interested in.  These go to Your List.  When an offer gets close to expiration, it will be removed from the Store list, but can still be in Your List.  Unfortunately, searching in Ibotta only searches the Store offers and not Your List.  And you can't search Your List.  You have to go through it to find the offer.

My guess is that Ibotta has quotas for many offers.  When the number of offers redeemed gets close to the quota, Ibotta calculates an expiration date.  However, if a large number of people redeem the offer, the expiration date can change or even expire before you scan your receipt.  This is one of the reasons I submit my receipt while in the store.

I agree it would be nice if the expiration dates and times were exact, but Ibotta doesn't work that way.  I also agree that this type of information should be visible whenever you display the offer.