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I can’t withdraw gift cards

Rewards Hunter

Hello, I’ve been trying to withdraw a 25 dollar gift card from Itunes but to no avail. Yes, i’ve verified my email and phone number, yes I sent apple care a ticket and yes i’ve waited 48 hours for both and no response. The same problem is happening. I have no idea how else to fix this problem so please somebody help. 

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Re: I can’t withdraw gift cards

Ultimate Saver

Welcome to the Ibotta Community.

I don't think Apple Care can help here.  Only Ibotta can help.

Since you are new, it is possible your account was locked if you tried to withdraw within two days after making $20.

I would open a request with Ibotta Care.  In the Ibotta app, go to Account, then Help.  Click at the top where it says Submit a Request.

Please note it can take 2-3 days to get a response due to the thousands of requests they get.