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I would like to know how this ib works

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Re: I would like to know how Ibotta works

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I would start with the “How to use Ibotta” section found on the Account tab in the app. Lots of useful info there. 



Re: I would like to know how Ibotta works

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I like to think of Ibotta as a collection of rebates.  But instead of sending in proofs of purchase, mailing everything and waiting 12 weeks to get your money, you can do it all from one app and get your money within hours.

You start by selecting the offers you might buy from the stores you shop.  Then buy the items and submit your receipt.  For many stores, you will get credit almost immediately.

Some stores require you link Ibotta to their loyalty card.  If you link your accounts, you don't submit receipts.  It is done automatically, but can take a day or two to get credit.

Online purchases are a little different.  To get credit, you must link your accounts or go through the Ibotta app to make your purchase.  There is also a browser extension to do online shopping from a PC.

Be sure to read all details for offers including online purchases.  Some categories don't give credit and some retailers take longer to get your money.  You may have to wait as much as 90 days for some online retailers.

Once you have earned $20, you can withdraw your earnings to a gift card, PayPal or your bank.  Please note that Ibotta recommends waiting at least 48 hours after reaching $20 before withdrawing.  This is for security reasons.

I like to BUY gift cards with my earnings.  This feature earns you a percentage back on every purchase and counts towards bonuses.

If you have questions, the Ibotta Community can help, but for account issues, only the Ibotta Care team can fix them.  To reach Ibotta Care, go to Account in the app, then Help.  Submit a Request is at the top of the page.  Please note it can take 2-3 days to get a response from Ibotta Care.


Re: I would like to know how Ibotta works

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Re: I would like to know how this ib works

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It's really simple. This is how Ibotta works.

  1. you sign up 
  2. you select a retailer to shop at
  3. you select desired products in retailer's gallery
  4. you purchase available products from retailer 
  5. you scan entire receipt from retail 
  6. collect rebates when you reach the minimum of $20.00 you can start withdrawing after 5 days. 

refer to previous posts read the posts here in this forum often for additional money saving tips.

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