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Missing Cash Back on Offers eligible for Multiple Redemptions

Rewards Hunter

Hi Ibotta friends,

I recently made a purchase at a local package store and bought 3 Malibu Rums and 3 Bushmills whiskies. Both offers were selected and added to my list in the “Any Liquor Store” category. The offers were $3 back on Malibu Rum (limit 3) and $4 back on Bushmills (limit 3) upon submitting my receipt, i was prompted to scan the item barcodes, which i did. and then i submitted. However, when my cashback came through the next day, i only got $3 back for 1 Malibu and $4 for 1 Bushmills. Not the total $21 that I should have gotten. So i am missing $14. I have submitted a ticket a week ago and no one from the care team has responded. Also worth mentioning, I have redeemed offers at this local package store before with no issues, so i know i submitted my receipt correctly! Can anyone help?!