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Missing Multiple Referrals - Support Desk Isn’t Helping

Rewards Hunter

Hi everyone.  I’ve been using Ibotta for years and have had a great experience until recently.  I’m missing at least 5 referral credits this month alone - I’ve even watched some of my referrals sign up in front of me and submit their receipts.  So I know for a fact they joined and made a qualifying purchase.  

when I contact support, they just give me a generic response about how I’ll get credited when my referrals make an eligible purchase.  That’s not true.  I haven’t been credited.  

I told Ibotta support I think the issue is that I used to be an Ibotta affiliate through ibotta’s blogger program.  I got rid of my blog years ago and have repeatedly contacted the blogger affiliate support team about getting rid of that account and just having referrals credited to my regular personal account.  Like I used to do.  The affiliate support never responds to my emails.  

at this point I don’t know what to do or who to ask for help.  I’m frustrated that I continue promoting this app - and send multiple referrals to it - with none of my promised compensation. Thank you in advance if anyone can help. 

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