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Not receiving any credits on Walmart pick up orders.

Rewards Hunter

Did a Walmart pick up order last Sunday and didn't receive the credits immediately like usual. So I checked to make sure everything was still linked properly etc and all was well. I had ordered from a laptop and the screen still showed 'we got your order' from Ibotta. Same card for payment and and everything. I waited the 3 days before submitting a ticket as suggested and still have not heard back. Not tonight's order isn't showing up immediately either. I have no idea what is going on.. Help?!

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Re: Not receiving any credits on Walmart pick up orders.


I did an online delivery order on the 15th and I usually get credited within an hour of receiving orders. This is the first time (that I can recall) not getting any credit at all in the 2 years or so of using Ibotta. Disappointing cuz I'll probably not be getting the Thanksgiving bonuses. 😔 Anyway, I literally just sent in a help request. Took me over an hour to send in all the details (had 17 offers, lol!). At this point i just want my credits.

Also, someone told me it can take up to 5 days for support to get back to you after contacting them. I hope you eventually get your order sorted. 🤞🏻