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Phone verification help

Rewards Hunter

I need help verifying my phone number. I keep getting a message that pops up saying my number is linked to another account. I can’t withdraw funds! I don’t remember ever having to enter a phone number before and I have not had a change in phone numbers recently. How do I resolve this issue?

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Re: Phone verification help

Deal Master


I would open a request with Ibotta Care.  You can do this from the app under Profile, then Help.  Or you can email them at

I have heard others have had issues with the phone verification.  But Ibotta won't release the funds until they know you are you.  

Unfortunately, phone numbers are recycled frequently.  If you have had the same phone number longer than using Ibotta, it could be you typed it in wrong when you signed up.  The other option is someone has a similar number and they typed in yours instead.

Be aware that it can take 3-5 days for Ibotta to respond to your request.

Good luck.