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Purchased Gift Cards Not Showing Up

Rewards Guide

Never had this problem before. Decided to order some domino’s to nom on while watching the new suicide squad, thought I’d get some cashback and get a gift card to pay for it. Got the email that I got the cashback, they show up in my earnings history, but not in my gift card history. 

I really want to order my pizza and do not want to have to pay twice 😞 what’s happening???

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Re: Purchased Gift Cards Not Showing Up

Super Saver

Well, that's a bummer!

I don't do the gift card thing on ibotta, so I have NO advice. But hopefully posting this comment of mine will swing your post back to the top of the newsfeed where some helpful person will more readily see it and come to your rescue!

Re: Purchased Gift Cards Not Showing Up

Deal Ambassador

@Lorr  I’m sorry to hear about your missing GC. One of the most tried-and-true recommendations, I believe, is to clear your cache. If still no GC, perhaps log out of ibotta, restart your phone or PC, then log back in. If that still doesn’t work, it’s time to contact the care team, if you haven’t done so already. 
Hope it gets resolved soon!

Re: Purchased Gift Cards Not Showing Up


I had the same happen last night while at Walmart. I found that the gift card I purchased went under my notification bell but not under the normal gift card spots. I of course did not realize that untill I got home so I had to use real money at the store and that was weird. Maybe that is where yours went also? I sent a request to see of this was a change to continue but they haven't responded yet. After I found the first 2 that were missing I did buy a 3rd one and then all 3 new ones were in the original gift card locations. Hopefully just a yesterday problem.