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Receipt submission stuck in queue


Does anyone else have a receipt that has been stuck in the queue since Friday. I submitted a ticket yesterday since it’s been 2 days, but have yet to receive a response back. 



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Re: Receipt submission stuck in queue

Deal Master

I have had this happen before, especially with a Target receipt, but I don't shop Target that much.

It can take 2-3 days to get a response from Ibotta Care.   They get hundreds of requests.

They have always come through for me.

Re: Receipt submission stuck in queue

Deal Ambassador


My receipts for Target and CVS from Friday were both stuck. I reached out to the Care Team and they acknowledged the error in their system and pushed them through. 

Once processed, the offers automatically applied to the redeemed offer count for the Sunshine bonus.


I think your reply above is just a copy/paste you use a lot. We all know response times vary, especially during peak times of the year, but both my tickets were resolved in 11 hours overnight last night. 

Re: Receipt submission stuck in queue


When you say stuck in queue, you mean it should have applied by now and hasn't? Or can you actually view the receipts in queue somewhere?! I wish that was an option if not.


Re: Receipt submission stuck in queue

Deal Master


Yes, I do say the same thing a lot, but it wasn't a cut and paste.

I realize that most people know the information.  I include it for those that may be new to Ibotta or the Community.

I must admit that my request on Sunday only took about 14 hours.  But some requests can take longer than a simple missed offer.