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Receipt submission

Rewards Hunter

I submitted my Walmart receipt. After I got to looking at it I noticed one offer not accounted for. Somehow I missed adding it. I added it and tried resubmitting my receipt and it will not let me. It says receipt already submitted! I bought my items Wednesday and have tried every day since. I even logged out of my account and back in. Nothing is working. I know I have been able to rescan receipts before.

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Re: Receipt submission

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If you are linked, I believe you have up to 24 hours to resubmit.  You can open up a ticket and see if they will help, but if the item has no coupons or rebates, I would return it, and then buy again. After verifying it is in your list.

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Re: Receipt submission

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@Susieq1  WM receipts only have a 24 hr window to resubmit for a missing item.  If you purchased on Wed and noticed a few hrs later, the receipt should have been accepted.  Sometimes I find I have to type in the TC# rather than scanning the barcode to get the missed item.  If you noticed the missing item on Thur, that is likely why it keeps saying submitted.  I'd open a ticket and hope cs can credit the missed item.  Go to the bell notification for that WM receipt, click the ? in the top right, then 'report an issue'.  you'll get a pop up box to type in, and you can explain that you missed an offer.

Re: Receipt submission

Super Saver

@Susieq1 @MelissaR 

You will yield better results submitting a trouble ticket requesting credit for missing rebate.

I had the exact same problem earlier this week. I Purchased 9 items, received credit for 7.  

I submitted a trouble ticket had to send copy of store receipt, photos of both products including bar codes of each.  

After this debacle the credit for the Oui yogurt was reversed. 

Manually entering the TC after the initial submission is no longer an option. Even after a minute later I have been receiving error messages of invalid receipts. 

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Re: Receipt submission

Rewards Hunter

It's not comfortable if you have just 24 hours to resubmit the receipt, especially if you have such troubles as the OP. They need to change the limit for at least 3-4 days. I think that wouldn't change the system and the way of work much, but will be beneficial both for clients and companies. Now I have to make checks stubs via ThePayStubs that helps me to make the process faster, but I want to have some time to analyze first. And when you're somewhere in the middle of nowhere, you can't simply reach any bank in 24 hours. That's a pretty strong argument, imho.


Re: Receipt submission

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Agree with the others. Better to return and repurchase. Otherwise you may not get the bonus credit and be having to go back and forth with customer service. Trust me it’s exhausting!

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