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Receipt Submitted Already, NO?

Rewards Hunter

Recently bought an item on the Walmart App. Since then the app linked to the Ibotta App & I haven’t been able to submit my receipts from in store Walmart purchases because it’s says I already submitted them based the card used. That’s dumb because I’m pretty sure the Walmart app does not show your in store purchase history??????!? I haven’t been able to redeem my last 3 receipts due to this. I have unlinked my Walmart app to Ibotta & still cannot redeem them. This is a terrible flaw in the app that they need to fix. 

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Re: Receipt Submitted Already, NO?

Deal Master

How did you unlink Ibotta from your Walmart account?

If you haven't already, go to Profile in the app, then Settings.  Then select linked accounts.

If Walmart is listed, press the Disconnect button.  This should unlink your accounts.

As for the previous purchases, you will need to open a request with Ibotta Care.  You can do it in the app or send an email to