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Walmart Online Grocery

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Hi Everyone,

Anyone having issues with the Walmart grocery online shopping site using the Ibotta site? I am experiencing two major issues with it and just wanted to know if it's something everyone else is experiencing or if it's just my phone dying due to its age. I noticed that the last two times I put an order in that the page for Walmart online grocery shopping is on half the screen of my phone. It doesn't take up the entire screen like it used too. Everything is on the left side now and so tiny that I need a magnifying glass to see it as I am visually impaired. Then, I noticed today that the page wouldn't let me search for items at all. I often order my mom's groceries too to help her out and this time it wouldn't let me search for things. Basically, it only limits me to what is on my Ibotta shopping list. So, I have to make two separate orders. O e on my phone using Ibotta apps for my offers and the second one on a computer. This is a pain and very inconvenient. Anyone else having these issues? It's frustrating and I hope that whatever is going on with the site that it will go back to how it was before because if it doesn't, I won't be ordering groceries online anymore. I will just go to the store instead.

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Re: Walmart Online Grocery

Rewards Hunter

Mine is doing the same thing all squished and to the left of the screen. My phone is only a few months old so I don't think it is our phone.


Re: Walmart Online Grocery

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Can you replicate this?

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Re: Walmart Online Grocery

Rewards Hunter

Yes, Walmart must be down bc I cannot get the app to accept my Walmart receipt either.  Just keep getting an error message.