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Walmart Pick up orders

Rewards Hunter

How do I redeem offers when using Walmart pick up?  You don’t get a receipt.  Ibotta shows my accounts are linked but I don’t understand how to redeem without an actual receipt.

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Re: Walmart Pick up orders


When you select Walmart, make sure to choose online and pick up orders instead of in store.  Select the offers you want.  Connect to Walmart through the ibotta app and make your purchase.  You will get your rebates automatically.  I usually have the funds the next morning after pickup/delivery.  Hope that helps.

Re: Walmart Pick up orders

Deal Ambassador


@Melissajo007 , if you go to the pickup and delivery tab from the options near the bottom of the home page, you will see what retailer options you have available. Some of us do not have the Walmart pickup and delivery option right now. It sounds like they have something rolling out soon. But in the meantime, if you don’t have the white Walmart pickup and delivery icon on your page, I don’t think there is any way to get credits. That is the boat I am in right now, so I hope they make it available soon! I know this being available to some and not to others right now has created confusion, but with time it should all be worked out.

Re: Walmart Pick up orders


Same here - I did a Walmart pick up order specifically for these credits, and in my app it says I cannot add Walmart Pick Up orders at this time.  Very frustrating since I just joined and this is my first experience with Ibotta.