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We couldn't find a match

Rewards Hunter

"We looked at your receipt and couldn't verify your recent purchase. This may be because the products you purchased on this receipt do not match our offer criteria. Please review the offer details, including variety and size, to make sure your product qualifies."


Anyone else having this issue when trying to submit receipt this past hour? I've already tried 4 times.

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Re: We couldn't find a match

Core Shopper


I suggest if they can't find item.  I would put in a ticket with details, and pic of receipt and front and upc code.  If you had screenshot of approval if not screenshot of screen showing your item upc code matches the item aka in the search bar 

This is just my suggestion if you still having problems.  Only issue is if they manually credit you you won't get the offer count unless they actually go to your submission and approve that one 




Re: We couldn't find a match

Skilled Saver

I've had issues with submitting Wal-Mart,  guess there is a known issue (with walmart at least)...I had to open a ticket with my first purchase...and for my second one I scanned it like 5 times and it finally worked 🤷‍


Re: We couldn't find a match

Deal Master

This haa been happening for more than a week.  Ibotta is aware of the problem and recommends submitting the receipt again until it takes.

Personally, I have done this several times and have resubmitted as many as 4 times.  Someone posted they resubmitted 20 times.  

If you can't get it to take, you can open a request.  Be aware that it can take 2-3 days to get a response.


Re: We couldn't find a match

Rewards Hunter

Yes,  when I submitted, it told me how much money I would be getting .  Then I got an email message saying that they couldn't find any offers!