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Your Earnings, How do you keep track of your earnings?

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This is my issue, I believe my earnings balance is incorrect and this is why.  After every redemption I always take a screenshot and I always withdraw my earnings when I reach $100.00. 

On July 08, 2021 I initiated a withdrawal to my checking account in the amount of $108.00 leaving a balance of $.61 in my Ibotta account.  From the date of withdrawal to  07/16/2021 I have accumulated $76.61. 

Well sometime between purchasing @ 1739 CST and redeeming via my linked Walmart pay account at 2000 CST I took a screenshot of my earning and my balance was $76.61. 

On May 06, 2021 I made a purchase at OldNavy.Com   and received a rebate for $.48 well of coarse the standard 45 day pending period applied. Even though I was rewarded $.48 it is not reflected in my earnings. My previous balance was $76.61, my new balance after receiving Old Navy rebate for $.48 should be $77.09.  however my earnings balance is still $76.61. 

This is the second occurrence I believe where a pending credit was awarded but not actually credited to my earnings balance because I received a rebate from purchase made on 03/25/2021 for $1.38. I made it a point to monitor my earnings..  I will start making withdrawals at every $50.00 instead of waiting to accumulate $100.00..

I have attached 3 screenshots supporting this unusual occurrence.

  • earnings screenshot 
  • screenshot details
  • earnings history (Old  

How do you keep track of you earnings for accuracy? Has anyone ever disputed issues with earnings balance with Ibotta?




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